"2020 The Year To REFOCUS!" – Pastor Jim DiPalma

2019 Encounter Church Highlights

"2019 Encounter Church Appreciation Video"

"2019 Encounter Church Bloopers & Funnies"

"Could This Be A Setup?" – Evangelist Scott Hinkle

"When A Nobody Touches A Somebody" – Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

"Never Give Up!" – Pastor Joe Manno

"Perseverance!" – Prophetess Toni Nunn

"The Way Forward" – Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

"The Prophetic Word For 2019" – Pastor Jim DiPalma

"Encounter Church 2018 Highlights"

"Praying In The Spirit"
Margie Fleurant

"Fire And Water"
Pastor Joe Manno

"Maturity In The Church"
Prophetess Toni Nunn

Prophet Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

"The Prophetic Word for 2018 - The Continuation Of Acceleration - Recharge!"
Pastor Jim DiPalma

"Encounter Church 2017 Highlights"

"A Word About Life - Purpose, Mission & Assignment"
Scott Hinkle

"Awakening The Hearts & Destinies Of Our Children"
Margie Fleurant

"The Holy Spirit"
Joe Manno

"The Prophetic Economy"
Prophet Jonathan Ferguson

"The Prophetic Economy - Part 2"
Prophet Jonathan Ferguson

Apostle John Eckhardt

The Prophetic Word For 2017
Pastor Jim DiPalma

"Encounter Church 2016 Highlights"

"Moves of the Spirit"
Steve Maile

Pastor Joe Manno

"The Power Of One"
Scott Hinkle

"The Art Of Intercession - Part 1"
Margie Fleurant

"The Art Of Intercession - Part 2"
Margie Fleurant

"The Prophetic Word for 2016 - Relaunch!"
Pastor Jim DiPalma

"Encounter Church Dedication"
Apostle John Eckhardt

Highlights from Colombia
Pastor Jim DiPalma

America For Jesus
Pastor Jim DiPalma

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